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Energy Inspection Services

What Is EIS Approved?

eis approved
EIS professionals are recruited and supported at a higher level than traditional field service contractors.

Integrated Field Services

integrated-field services
EIS provides integrated field services, using certified professionals, to increase the integrity and value of your projects through safety, compliance, schedule, and cost.

View Our Projects

eis projects
EIS works across key industries dependent on quality field services including; Oil and Gas, Power Generation and Distribution, Infrastructure, Mining.

7 Core Areas Of Field Service

By managing a mix of integrated field services, and providing professionals only when and as you need them, EIS can provide flexibility, scalability and reliability to your field projects, saving time and money.

EIS – Forging a Better Way with Integrated Field Services

“We started EIS because we believe field services can be done a better way.

Inspections, surveying, permitting, and other field efforts are critical for delivering quality projects. EIS is our answer for how to deliver quality, cost efficient field services in an integrated way – eliminating the hassle of managing numerous contractors and their levels of skill.

We believe this approach supports our customers’ to deliver safe, high quality projects on time, budget and within scope.”¬†