EIS Geographic Information Services

As part of Energy Inspection Services, EIS Geographic Information Services adhere to the same mission and core values of the whole of the EIS organization. delivering our services with
quality, integrity, and respect.

Organize, Communicate and Understand the Science of Our World

A Geographic Information System (GIS) is a framework for gathering, managing, and analyzing data. A well-designed GIS system reveals deeper insights into data, such as patterns, relationships, and situations to help us make smarter decisions.

The EIS Geographic Information Services  team has nearly 40 years of combined experience providing GIS and Global Positioning System (GPS) expertise to the oil and gas industry. We offer a range of solutions for your organization’s geospatial/map needs — from full service scalable design, implementation, and maintenance, to targeted and tactical project work to fulfill specific as-needed requirements. Our key focus is to ensure that GIS functionality aligns with your organization’s unique needs and priorities, delivering the best value possible.

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GIS Makes Us All Smarter

Regulatory and Environmental Permitting

Our team supports your organization with value added GIS services through all operational life cycles:

Design, create, implement, manage, or modify your GIS

• Create and manage GIS facilities data with smart organization-centric schema

• Collect accurate and useful GPS field data

• Prioritize compliance, operating efficiency, and safety

• Network pipeline systems for flow, connectivity and control modeling

• Network roads for an AVL system, directions, or maps

Generate or gather needed GIS data

• Collect and integrate field data

• Create and edit data on the desktop

• Gather important and

valuable public domain data

Convert or merge GIS data

• Design, improve, or convert data schema

• Merge multiple disparate datasets into single schema

Evaluate and cleanse GIS data to achieve these critical quality parameters:

• Accuracy • Completeness • Consistency

• Timeliness • Reliability • Usefulness • Relevancy

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Putting Data To Work For You

Environmental Compliance

When you partner with EIS Geographic Information Services to set up and/or manage your organization’s GIS and GPS systems, your team is given greater opportunity to use these tools in supporting your primary responsibilities. Together we are able to tailor your systems to identify problems, monitor change, manage and respond to events, perform forecasting, set priorities, and understand trends.

A well-designed GIS supports key business drivers such as:

• visualizing and analyzing spatial (map-type) information with built-in intelligence

• capturing at-risk facilities institutional knowledge

• complying with regulations

• increasing operational efficiency

• increasing safety and reducing risk

• preparing for emergency response

• increasing revenues and decreasing costs

• avoiding legal complications

• improving public relations and being a good neighbor