Environmental and Geographic Information Services

As part of Energy Inspection Services, both EIS Environmental and EIS Geographic Information Services adhere to the same mission and core values of the whole of the EIS organization. delivering our services with quality, integrity, and respect.

EIS Environmental Services

A division of Energy Inspection Services, our Environmental Services Team provides start to finish focus in the areas of Regulatory permitting and compliance, environmental compliance and permitting, and natural resource consultation. Our team of scientists and other specialists handle your projects with determination and care. With extensive experience in environmental compliance, regulatory permitting, and land work primarily focused in the oil and gas industry, EIS Environmental understands the governing rules and regulations associated with developing and permitting projects across public, tribal and free lands. We have worked with a multitude of state, federal, county. and tribal agencies.

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EIS Geographic Information Services

The EIS Geographic Information Services team has nearly 40 years of combined experience in providing GIS and Global Positiong System 9GPS) expertise to the oil and gas industry. We offer a range of solutions for your organization’s geospatial/map needs. Our key focus is to ensure that GIS functionality aligns with your organization’s unique needs and priorities, delivering the best value possible.

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